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6 signs you're addicted to running

Runners are often described as obsessive creatures; logging every mile and spending hours poring over race results. However how do you know if you’ve become a running addict? Here are 6 signs to watch out for…


You avidly follow other runners on any social media platform that you can.


You often find yourself breaking out into a spontaneous stretching routine in public - whether you’re queuing at the shop or filling up with petrol, it’s always good to stretch your hamstrings!


You have nicknames for your various run routes and/or the hills or unpleasant sections on them.


You have unnatural feelings of jealousy when you see other people running when you're not able to.


Whenever you see a golf course/footpath/park you think ‘what a nice place for a run’ or ‘I’d love to smash some intervals out around there.’


You own more running gear than smart clothes and you consider it socially acceptable to wander around the supermarket in Lycra or compression socks.

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